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West Hartford psychotherapist Eileen Stecker, MA, LPCI believe seeking help is a good choice.

  • Are you feeling anxious, depressed or angry?
  • Do you find yourself in unsatisfying or dysfunctional relationships?
  • Do you want more ease and less stress in your work, relationships, life?

You may have answered yes to these questions or you may have other ways your life is not working for you. Sometimes you need support and safety to explore your feelings and life experiences, to understand how they are impacting the way you live in the world.

I trust in every person’s innate ability to change and heal. I believe each person is unique and I work with you in a way that is specific to your needs, challenges and comfort. I bring compassion and insight to my work based on my years of training and walking my own healing path.

“As we live our power
in harmony with the world
there are endless possibilities.”
— Eileen Stecker


Seeking counseling with a trained therapist, whether for individual therapy, couples or marriage counseling is a step in taking control of your life. The effectiveness of psychotherapy can depend largely on the relationship between you and your therapist and the commitment you each bring to the process. It is important for you to feel understood by your therapist and comfortable with their style, qualifications and presence.

I invite you to look at the useful information provided on my website, which will give you a sense of who I am and how I work in my practice. Call or email me for a free 15 minute consultation so we can discuss if my services are a good “fit” for you.

Thank you.

Psychotherapist – West Hartford, CT